Hola Sissel

…A few days ago, on an unplanned stop in Thompson Falls, my friend & I saw a fun-looking advertisement for ‘Crazy Woman Kayaks’. Having just spent the day driving alongside lake Pend D’Oreille & the Clark Fork River, we were definitely interested in playing in the water! After calling the number on the sign, I was saddened to receive the ‘after hours greeting’, but I left a brief message anyway to say it had looked like fun, and perhaps on a future visit to T.Falls, we’d stop by.

A few minutes later, I received a call back from Sissel at Crazy Woman Kayaks, saying that since it was still light out, she’d be willing to let us rent a kayak! We were excited that she’d go out of her way to make this happen for us. For the next 2 hours, we had a wonderful experience, both in meeting & talking with Sissel and in the beautiful scenery while in a tandem kayak on the Clark Fork. We were amazed at how many different types of birds we saw, as well as plenty of jumping fish, otters, and a few deer. It was a lovely late afternoon, and the lighting, weather, and lack of insects was PERFECT!

I would highly recommend giving Crazy Woman Kayaks an opportunity to provide you with some entertainment while in Thompson Falls. Sissel is very friendly & knowledgeable. Although it was just in it’s early stages of having opened when we came through, she was very professional, and there’s a lot of equipment to accomodate various skills of kayakers, as well as larger groups.

Now, give Crazy Woman Kayaks a call, and GET ON THE RIVER! You won’t regret it!

Great Falls, MT