Hi Sissel,

My friend and I stopped by The Naughty Pine and spoke with you last Aug.  We picked up our kayaks at TNP for a 2 hr cruise on the river.  It was my first time kayaking but my friend is an old hat at it. Can’t remember the couple’s names who helped us at TNP but they were absolutely great to work with.  They were very helpful and made the experience a lot of fun.

We had a blast going up to Marten Creek and your kayaks were a breeze to learn how to use.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know what a good time we had. And my husband Jim and I will be up in Trout Creek again mid-Sept and we plan on stopping by TNP and renting them again.


Many Thanks


Melinda Murray

Hola Sissel

…A few days ago, on an unplanned stop in Thompson Falls, my friend & I saw a fun-looking advertisement for ‘Crazy Woman Kayaks’. Having just spent the day driving alongside lake Pend D’Oreille & the Clark Fork River, we were definitely interested in playing in the water! After calling the number on the sign, I was saddened to receive the ‘after hours greeting’, but I left a brief message anyway to say it had looked like fun, and perhaps on a future visit to T.Falls, we’d stop by.

A few minutes later, I received a call back from Sissel at Crazy Woman Kayaks, saying that since it was still light out, she’d be willing to let us rent a kayak! We were excited that she’d go out of her way to make this happen for us. For the next 2 hours, we had a wonderful experience, both in meeting & talking with Sissel and in the beautiful scenery while in a tandem kayak on the Clark Fork. We were amazed at how many different types of birds we saw, as well as plenty of jumping fish, otters, and a few deer. It was a lovely late afternoon, and the lighting, weather, and lack of insects was PERFECT!

I would highly recommend giving Crazy Woman Kayaks an opportunity to provide you with some entertainment while in Thompson Falls. Sissel is very friendly & knowledgeable. Although it was just in it’s early stages of having opened when we came through, she was very professional, and there’s a lot of equipment to accomodate various skills of kayakers, as well as larger groups. Now, give Crazy Woman Kayaks a call, and GET ON THE RIVER! You won’t regret it!

Great Falls, MT

Found Wonderful Seats for our kayaks. Sissel was very helpful. Been doing this for 20 years and Crazy Woman was the first place to ever provide whistle.

Tania + Eric Hunt

My eleven year-old daughter and myself had a wonderful adventure on your kayaks. We saw 3 manatees, 2 dolphins & 1 sea turtle. What an exciting time we had. I island animals love the kayaks. They are very curious and not frightened, like they are with the motor boats. Thanks!

Cindee Shandy

….Beautiful weather + a gracious hostess. Thank you for making us feel like “old friends.”

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hill, New York 13970

Appreciated the tips before we began. This is the best rental equipment we’ve had. Will recommend you to our kayaking friends.

Joan Bennett, Racine WI