Crazy Woman’s Office at Fish-Tail Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Crazy Woman’s Office

Fish-Tail Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FLORIDA

The plan was to retire on my 100th birthday, 30-plus years from now. On that day, I hope to still have my own teeth and enough cash to avoid racking up finance-charges for my cake.

But circumstances I could not prepare for, because I never expected them, changed everything. I spared no effort to save Crazy Woman KAYAKS, but unfortunately, it was beyond my control. The death has been slow and agonizing.

Upon the expiration of the Crazy Woman KAYAKS website, I am launching a new, simpler and more personal website with a Blog, starting with Crazy Woman KAYAKS’ Obituary.

From the bottom of my heart, I extend an eternal thank you to my exceptionally nice customers, my helpers, vendors and many other individuals, businesses and organizations whose help and encouragement made the Crazy Woman KAYAKS experiment a success!  

Over time, I will tell the story of Crazy Woman KAYAKS — in reverse, more or less.

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