I once printed hundreds of bumper-stickers that proclaimed: “THE WORLD IS GETTING BETTER.” This may be debatable, but after a moment’s reflection, most of my customers laughed--and for a few delicious moments, the World WAS better! Who could argue? I gave the bumper-stickers away, requesting that they be used as bumper-stickers, not book-marks. Of course, … Continue reading IT’S NICE TO BE NICE

The Story of Crazy Woman

Sissel W. Robertson The first time I crossed the Atlantic Ocean, I was an embryo. I was conceived in Detroit and born in Oslo, Norway on Pentecost Sunday, 1952. My mother hemorrhaged and needed a blood transfusion. I had to keep her company in the hospital for a whole month.  I was cute, but I had colic, … Continue reading The Story of Crazy Woman

Crazy Woman’s Office at Fish-Tail Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Crazy Woman’s Office Fish-Tail Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FLORIDA The plan was to retire on my 100th birthday, 30-plus years from now. On that day, I hope to still have my own teeth and enough cash to avoid racking up finance-charges for my cake. But circumstances I could not prepare for, because I never expected them, … Continue reading Crazy Woman’s Office at Fish-Tail Marina, Fort Myers Beach, FL.