Time has passed since my last Post, but I didn’t run out of things to say – I ran out of patience with technology.

One year ago, I replaced my dead MacBook with a newborn Dell. The Dell was a HUGE mistake! The frustrations that followed triggered heart-wrenching yearnings for the jungle! However, the thought of catching and cooking anacondas for survival deterred my flight from civilization.  

So off to the States I went.  I returned with a new MacBook, which I named Macaronda.

In Florida, my goal was to empty the last storage unit, which I did! Unfortunately, then I had no place to put its content, nor was there time to advertise and sell all the gear I cannot use. I imposed on friends for temporary storage until loving homes can be found.  

To that end, I hope to return soon. This time, ads will ready ahead of time. It will be fast and fabulous sale!

I need a new storage unit — one that faces the parking for convenient reunions with former customers, new and old friends in need of gently used accessories. 

But first – Macaronoda and I need to work on our relationship. With a little counseling from my tech-guy, we’ll be posting joyfully and regularly by the beginning of the New Year. 

Until then, a profusion of thanks for all your encouragement!  

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